A lazy weekend at Blue Dolphin Beach Resort

Can you believe it’s been more than a year since my last travel post? Well, I can. :P It’s been a crazy year at work, so many deadlines that an actual vacation (which means, absolutely no client phone calls and no checking of work email) was quite impossible. Sadly, the only “get-away” my husband Marc and I had was last November, when we spent our fifth year anniversary overnight at a hotel in Ortigas. That was basically it — we couldn’t even find the time to take a short road trip to Tagaytay.

Blue Dolphin Resort

Unfortunately for me, the lack of travel took its toll. I’ve been finding it harder and harder to come up with designs (I’m a web designer by profession). There were times when I didn’t feel 100% satisfied with a design I’ve made, even if the client was already happy with it. I pride myself of giving clients beyond their expectations, and unfortunately, that seemed to suffer a bit. That was when Marc and I decided we really needed to take a break. Now was the best time since our workload is lighter than the usual.

The invitation from Blue Dolphin Beach Resort came at the most convenient time possible. Together with our travel buddies, Ferdz, Nina, Cedric and Patricia, we went on a weekend road trip to Balayan, Batangas and see for ourselves what Blue Dolphin had to offer. More…

Be part of the SEAIR & Microtel Boracay Bloggers’ Tour!

Would you like to be part of this year’s SEAIR and Microtel Boracay Bloggers’ Tour? Eight bloggers will be chosen to join the trip — airfare and accommodations included! My husband Marc and I have been part of the first one, and it was fun :D Here’s your chance to be part of it!


To join the contest, simply follow the official guidelines provided by SEAIR and Microtel Boracay after the jump. More…

Direct flights to La Union by SEAIR

I finally got the time to blog! So, for starters, here are some great news from SEAIR… They’ve recently opened a route to San Fernando, La Union!

Perfect timing, as it’s summer. As you know, La Union is famous for its waves — a perfect surfing destination. I don’t know how to surf, though I’ve been wanting to learn. Plans to go surfing with friends have been on the back-burner for almost a year now, everyone’s just a bit too busy to make any concrete plans. Hopefully, with this new route, planning for a trip to La Union would be easier, as we don’t need to factor in the long bus rides (frankly, the only way I know going to La Union is through bus ride from Manila).

But wait, there’s more! Aside from flying to La Union every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting 14 April 2010, SEAIR also offers a complimentary 45-minute land transfer to Baguio City! More…

The sleepy, seaside town of El Nido

El Nido, Palawan is popularly known for its awesome limestone cliffs and island hopping. The province is dotted with so many islands that locals recommend visiting groups of islands in batches — Tour A, Tour B, Tour C, and Tour D. But there are times when you just want to wind down and relax, just lounge by the beach or walk around town without worrying about making a tour boat wait.

El Nido

My husband Marc and I needed just that — a day of nothing but relaxation. The past few months have been so stressful at work, it felt so good to just take a break and not worry about any deadlines. Besides, we were already running quite low on cash — island-hopping, food, and accommodations have taken its toll on our wallets. This wouldn’t have been a problem had there been a bank or an ATM machine in sight, but the nearest one was in Roxas, which is hours away from El Nido. We didn’t really mind, and just made do with what we had. After all, its remoteness adds to El Nido’s charm — it was certainly an experience to remember. More…

Cebu: An island of history and religion

My trip last October 2009 was my second time in Cebu. A few years ago, I was only able to catch glimpses of the island’s landmarks, as my travel group was only there en route to Bohol. But last October, we held in Cebu the Visayas leg of the Philippine Blog Awards for the first time — and I finally got the chance to fully appreciate touring the island without hurry.

Magellan's Cross

Cebu is a long, narrow island west of Bohol. One of the most developed provinces in the Philippines, it can probably be considered the center of commerce in the Visayas. It’s quite easy to find ATM machines in Cebu, and most of the city’s establishments have credit card facilities so you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a lot of cash unlike in other provinces. From this, it’s easy to assume that Cebu is very similar to Metro Manila. Well, it is in terms of development, but Cebu has an island charm that you can’t find in Manila (the beaches are just a stone throw away) and a monumental role in the history of Christianity in the Philippines. More…

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